I have an announcement to make!

So, it’s summer. Which means scantily clad girls/women. 
I’m from Aruba, and I recently moved to the Netherlands. This shit is not summer. ESTE SOL ES DE PANTAYA. (This sun is from a screen)
And what do you do when you move to Europe, if you had never known anything but blistering hot sun? You leave ALL your bikinis where they belong, in the sun.

This is mega relatable, because



i need kisses and attention and alcohol

Not anyone else will do.

Not anyone else will do.

And I don’t give a damn,

I’ll make her fuck the band. I already know, seen her at my show. Bangin’ out “x.o”
…..One of those nights.


Y propuestas a tomar vino.

Como dicen por ahi…

Viento, arrastrame.
Tierra, tragame.
Soledad, matame.

A bailar son montuno/baladas…con las sillas.

Uhh, I’ve never had this problem before…just give it a minute

It must be your face (WHOOwhoo) , or it’s your body….
If it ain’t your body then it must be your face.

And when I see you, oh it takes me…
Takes me to the stars <3



Things my hair does, with artificial flowers

Things my hair does, with artificial flowers

So, I’m in Stockholm for 3 more days….

It’s been fun. 

I want to say I’m going to miss this

But i’m not. 

Now I have stars in my eyes….